Call Center Statistics

The following statistics can be run on a Queue/Skill, Agent, or DNIS.

Parameter Description
Call Volume Overall calls per queue, including calls that never made it all the way through the auto attendant.
Calls Handled Number of calls per queue that were answered.
Calls Offered Number of calls that landed in the queue.
Calls to Vmail Number of calls that landed in Vmail after not being answered. 
Calls forwarded Number of calls the queue could not handle in the allotted amount of time and were forwarded on.
Adjusted Calls Offered (Number of calls offered) - (# Number of calls abandoned in < 10 seconds).
Average Talk Time Average time agents spent talking to customers, excluding hold time.
Average ACW Average time between the end of the call and when the agent submits the disposition.
Average Hold Time Average time that a customer was on hold, excluding time in the queue.
% Service Level Percentage of calls answered from the queue within 60 seconds.
% Dial Transfers Percentage of calls that landed in the queue and were eventually transfered out to an agent.
Abandoned Calls Number of calls that abandoned the queue before being transfered out to an agent.
Adj Abandon Calls Number of calls abandoned in under 10 seconds.
Abandon Rate Ratio of (abandoned calls) / (calls offered).
Adj Abandon Rate Ratio of (adj abandoned calls) / (adj calls offered).
Avg Handle Time Average of talk time + hold time + disposition time.
Avg Answer Speed Average time in the queue for calls that were eventually dispatched to an agent.
Available Minutes Overall time that all queue agents were in the Available state.