Call Disposition

In a Call Center environment, it is important to understand the outcome and reason for inbound and outbound calls. Within the Clear Clouds system, it is possible for agents to denote Call Disposition and Call Reasons as related to inbound and outbound calls. Each agent can label the outcome of both inbound and outbound calls by selecting a disposition. They can also select a reason for the call as well as write notes to further explain what happened with the call. This makes it simple for other agents to understand exactly what happened on the call, how successful it was and if it requires further attention.

  • Call Disposition - is a label that describes the outcome of a call.
  • Call Reason - the reason why the call was made.

    Call Disposition Fields Displayed in CDRs

    Parameter Descriptions
    Disposition Type "Inbound" or "Outbound"
    Disposition Time Automatically measured as the duration in seconds between the time that a new CDR entry is created to the time that a Call Disposition form is completed.
    Disposition From a list of selection
    Specific Reason From a list of selection
    Notes Text field


How do I configure this?

Currently, disposition is not available via the Manager Portal.  To have this added to your domains, please submit a ticket to