Cloning a git repo API-Name

When working with our API examples, it is always a good practice to clone our repo so that you can test it on your own environment.   The naming convention is API-Name, where name is the name of the function you are testing.   

Please refer to List of available API-Name  examples to find the repository you need.

What do I need?

  • Mac, Windows or Linux PC
  • Git command ( make sure this is already installed )
  • Nodejs ( Install the stable version of nodejs for your OS )
  • Internet Access

How do I clone a repo-application?

  1. Create a project base folder if you don't have one yet.  This folder is where you will be adding the repo.  
  2. Navigate to your base folder in the cli/command prompt and copy and paste the following. Make sure <Name> is replaced with the API name you'd like to clone.

git clone<name>.git <Name> 
cd <Name> 
npm install

How do I test it?

Before you can run the code, make sure that you have filled out all necessary fields in app.js file which is documented in file inside your application directory.

type node app.js to run the program in the cli/command .