Create Customer Domain

What do I need?

  • Reseller Account or Higher

Follow the steps below to create a new customer domain

  1. Login into the Manager Portal ( <yourcompany> )
  2. Click on Domains button.
  3. Click Add Domain button
  4. Enter the following info on the BasicTab
    1. Name Customer name, no spaces or special characters.
      Note: Your company name will be appended to this automatically. Example: customer.CompanyName
      Description Company name or brief description
      Reseller ONLY available to SE Telecom Staff
      Email Sender Automated email sender voip@yourcompany.tld
      Residential No, not supported
      Status Active
  5. Enter the following info on Defaultstab
    1. Dial Permission US and Canada
      Timezone Select the timezone of customer.
      Voicemail Transcription Feature Request
      Area Code Enter area code of customer ( will be used for 7 digit dialing )
      Caller Name Company name or Description
      Caller ID Customer primary 10-Digit number that will be displayed by default
      911 Caller ID The number registered for e911 service.  Usually the same as Caller ID number
      Enable Voicemail Checked
      Preferred Server Location No preference, SE Telecom Staff Only
  6. Set the limit for this domain and click add when finished