Creating an IP-Based Authentication SIP Trunk

What is this for?

A guideline that will help you create an IP-Based SIP Trunk for your customers which can be used for on-premise PBX such as AVAYA IPO Server/Cabinet.

What do I need?

  • Customer static public IP address ( Note: do not use dynamic ip )
  • Number of total simultaneous calls

Create a SIP Trunk

  1. Login into the Manager Portal with your Reseller Account.
  2. Click on SIP Trunks
  3. Click on Add SIP Trunk
  4. Fill out the BasicTab info and click Next when done
    1. Name Same as domain name ( ie: yourcustomer.yourcompany ) 
      Domain Select the domain that this SIP trunk will be used
      Description Customer SIP trunk info ( ie: yourcustomer Branch A )
      Relay Media Yes
      Trunk Type Bidirectional
      IP Control Static IP
      IP Address Enter customer static IP
  5. In Dial Planning & Limits tab
    1. Leave Dial Translation default
    2. Select US and Canada for Dial permission
    3. Set Inbound, Outbound limit and Leave Total Limit default
    4. Click Add