How to add FaxDefaultDID addon

Name Version Date
FaxDefaultDID 1 10/01/2019
This add-on allows users with eFax license to send fax using the company's fax number without assigning a dedicated number to the user.


You must have a valid ssh credentials to perform this article

This addon was tested with Phaxio v1 api.  

  1. Create a backup copy of ../netsapiens-api/Controller/PhaxioController.php
    1. vi /usr/local/NetSapiens/netsapiens-api/Controller/PhaxiosController.php
    2. add define('FAX_DEFAULT_DID','0000000000');on line 37 before the class code block begins.
  3. Add else block to the main logic code on line 445. 

You can also watch the following video