Known Issues

This document outlines known issues with Clear Clouds.

Issue Version ETR Affected
Intra-domain caller Id shows the extension and caller's name 40.1 WIP SWITCH
Agent Analytics Big Button is not showing for Agents 40.1 TBD PORTAL
Unable to login to the portal with Office 365 or Google Account ALL 41-2.0 PORTAL
Inability to enable Yealink Custom DSS key via overrides 40.1 TBD ENDPOINT
Inbound/Outbound calls only shows the caller id or number in the portal popup docks. 40.1 40.2 PORTAL
Notes of the device is cleared when editing the device using snapbuilder 40.1 40.2 PORTAL
Web Phones DTMF is picked up by the device speaker, causing the DTMF to be invalid. 40.1 TBD WEBPHONE