Manually configure a Yealink device to Endpoint Provisioning Server

Items Needed

  • Device MAC address or Hardware address
  • Provisioning Url
  • Reseller or Higher user scope

Step 1: Adding Yealink Device to System

  1. Login to Manager Portal with your reseller access
  2. Go to Inventory Tab | Phone Hardware | Add Phone OR User | Phones | Add Phone
    1. Inventory Method
      1. Add Phone window | click save when done
        Model Select the device model from the drop down
        Mac Address Enter the mac address of the device you are adding
        Domain Select the domain owner of this device
        Line 1 Type the extension of the user this device belongs
        Line 2 - X Leave the rest of the Line blank.
        Notes Type a descriptive notes for this device
    2. User Method
      1. Select Domain | Select Users Icon | Select User | Select Phones | Select Add Phone | Input info

Step 2: Manually adding the provisioning server to the phone

  1. Go to a browser address bar and type the ip address of the phone. 
  2. Type the  username and password for Yealink ( default: admin / admin )
  3. Once logged in, go to Settings | Auto Provision
  4. In the Server Url copy and paste or
  5. Click confirm at the bottom of the page then reboot the phone