SSL Certificates

The Clear Clouds platform requires a valid SSL certificate to function properly. For a branded User Interface that points to a domain that you own to work correctly, it must have a valid security certificate. The Clear Clouds web UIs run on multiple physical servers, so you MUST provide a multi-server, wildcard certificate which can secure a single domain and multiple sub-domains.  We require you to send us the private key (.key), intermediate key and .crt files for your chosen domain.

Example list of possible sub-domains Clear Clouds will use your wildcard certificate for your domain name:  (*

  1.   ( Your customer's portal ) 
    If you already own a Wildcard SSL Certificate, we can use your existing SSL certificate as long as you provide us the private key (.key) that was used to create the CSR to generate your current SSL Certificate. If this is the case, please submit this private key along with the other files requested in Step 4, below.

PEM Format - "The format required if asked by the certificate signing authority"
The PEM format is the most common format that Certificate Authorities use. PEM certificates usually have extensions such as .pem, .crt, .cer, and .key

SSL Certificates are available from many vendors, including GoDaddy, Commodo and DigiCert.


Wildcard SSL Certificate Vendors for your consideration

  1. Go Daddy Wildcard Certificates  
  2. SSLS
Steps to Purchase an SSL Certificate from GoDaddy

STEP 1 - Gather or get a CSR (Certificate Signing Request). During the SSL certificate order process, GoDaddy will require you to provide a CSR.

Note: Once you generate a CSR, then you must also provide us with the private key that was used to create the CSR. This CSR (private key) is sensitive information and we recommend sending through a website like

STEP 2 - Begin the SSL certificate purchase process with GoDaddy. Clear Clouds has worked with Godaddy and we recommend their WILDCARD SSL option which secures one website and all its sub-domains and which you can explore at this link

STEP 3 - GoDaddy Certificate Setup (Prior purchasing steps have been skipped) - Take your CSR and enter it into the form on the GoDaddy site as shown in the image below. When asked for the type of web server, choose APACHE.

STEP 4 - After submitting the CSR and specifying the type of web server (APACHE), GoDaddy will provide you with .crt (certificate) files.

Step 5 - Please submit the crt files to our at to be loaded

SSL Renewal Process

If your SSL certificate is about to or has already expired and you would like to have it renewed, please follow the steps below:

Important Note: If your SSL certificate is automatically renewed by your SSL certificate provider, you will still need to provide the new certificate to Clear Clouds at renewal as it is not automatically renewed on our end.

  1. Renew the SSL certificate with your SSL certificate provider (e.g. GoDaddy).
  2. Open a ticket with us, stating that you would like to renew your SSL certificate and attach the new SSL certificate to the ticket.
  3. Once our support team is finished installing the SSL certificate, be sure to check your sites that everything is in order.