Even though COVID-19 threw the world into working remotely from home without much warning, the outcome wasn’t all negative. It had some quality mental and physical effects on the average employee. Remote office work means more flexibility, and more flexibility leads to many health benefits. Eighty percent of average workers say being able to work from home actually decreases overall stress.

And as quickly discovered throughout the pandemic, many employees don’t need to work within an office building anymore to get the job done — however they do need the right equipment to get the job done right. Over a quarter of all companies now have team members who work from home regularly. 

So we have entered a decade of requiring an updated business plan and phone service that your team can easily access from anywhere they happen to be working from. 

Must-have Features

Strategies and specific work tools will play a significant role in achieving more flexibility in the workplace. The best way to create a remote office phone system is to start with a high-quality VoIP phone system.

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VoIP phone systems provide users with functionality once reserved for more complex call centers. These features are standard for most modern office phone systems. Here are some must-have service features that will support your team:

  • Auto Attendant and Virtual Assistance
  • Caller ID
  • Auto Call Distribution
  • Call Forwarding and Hold
  • Visual Voicemail and Voicemail to Email Feature
  • Call Recording
  • Analytics 
  • Mobile App
  • Advanced Call Management

Costs Comparison

Luckily it is almost always less expensive than a landline option. When it comes to remote office phone systems, you aren’t necessarily getting hit with extra hardware fees. Hardware-free, more affordable computer applications, called softphones, are good for remote phones. Replacing desk phones helps businesses realize significant savings. Your remote employees can download a softphone app on Android and Apple phones and a desktop program for Mac and Windows computers.

With no extra fees constantly being added to the bill, A remote phone system provides more beneficial phone features than a traditional phone line and is cheaper. Most of these features are typically included for one flat rate. With VoIP, An owner can save even more during the year with an annual agreement instead of month-to-month payments.

A person on the phone in their remote office.

VoIP-powered phone service is technically your most affordable choice and an excellent investment. Adding new lines to this type of service is not expensive and as easy to do as clicking a button on a computer. 

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Down below are some of the better benefits of using a remote phone system:

Use your office phone number to work from home.

There is no need to be stuck sitting at your desk cubicle to take a work call. A VoIP phone line can accept and receive calls from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. You don’t even have to forward a call from your desk phone, and you can take the call directly from an easy-to-function app and work from where you are. 

Stay Connected 

Whether you are taking a sick day or just happen to be working on a project remotely from home. A remote phone system lets your team communicate online together and stay accessible to the project wherever they happen to be. Staying in touch can be so important that a cloud phone system will also include a managed directory and address book. Having a remote connection can make networking and communications accessible within a company or during an event plan. 

One Office Phone Service

What is really helpful to a team situation is that these services are affordable to the company and convenient for the employees. Everyone will be working off of one shared office phone service. We all know the importance of time and money. When an important project is on the line, you don’t have extra time to track down people’s cell phones. Virtual PBX systems provide local and toll-free numbers. PBX systems let employees stay accessible by using their office extensions. By implementing one community VoIP phone system, call forwarding is easy and keeps your team connected in and out of the workplace.

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Good virtual phone service will never lessen its service if a person happens to be on the go. Whether working from home, vacationing, or even wireless on the road, a quality connection is necessary. When a company uses a reliable business phone app, employees can access their phone line from any mobile phone or laptop. All that’s really required is a solid internet connection or Wifi connection.


A cloud-based VoIP system separates work numbers from personal numbers. It isn’t surprising that people like to keep their personal lives private and separate from business exchanges. People have learned to be quite protective of their personal information, and rightly so. A cloud-based internet voice service keeps things professional and more personal data out of reach of others.

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Voice and Video Conferencing

Voice and Video Conferencing is a form of online meeting where two or more people engage in a live audio-visual call. So when people can not be together in the office, this allows participants to see, hear, and discuss with each other in real-time, from anywhere they are in the world. Of course, anywhere with a good internet connection.

Communication is the foundation on that every successful business is built. The power of essential conversations left up to guesses and interpretation is dangerous. Speaking to your team in real-time via video and delivering a presentation live is invaluable, and it allows for complete clarity and the expression of tone and refinement. It can even strengthen your remote team’s morale, empowering them to work well with each other and feel connected to the goal. 

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Final Thoughts

Did you know that all these things make cloud phone systems help maintain a productive working environment? It is an unsung hero of the office. With a trained team, your phone system can be there to help them stay organized and productive.

Maintaining versatility in telecommunications helps companies prepare for unforeseen circumstances in the world. Advancing your phone system to the cloud will help your organization innovate and withstand any changes we might come across in the future.

For getting started with your own remote office phone system, contact SE Telecom today.