An immense amount of care, reliability and security go into the healthcare services you provide. Your communications platform should deliver the same – protecting staff, patients, devices and records.


Eliminate inefficiencies and redundant requests that today’s technology can cure.

Centralizing test results, appointments, billing and call centre touch points.

Whether it’s to facilitate referrals, get detailed call reporting or optimize patient support services – securely connecting and managing your network devices is critical to everything you do.

Choose a healthcare communications system that supports how you operate.

How We Help Your Healthcare Services

Collaborative Patient Journeys

Own your patient experience from reception to discharge across all devices and channels. Manage preferences and needs with omnichannel awareness of historical touch points like triage, test results, appointments, referrals, mobile apps, self-service channels, calls, email conversations and more.

Lower TCO, Higher ROI

While your new communications platform helps you increase productivity and patient engagement, it’s also saving you money through reduced maintenance costs, lower support and travel costs, voice trunking and least cost routing. Cloud solutions boast the added benefit of built-in disaster recovery – erasing the need for redundant appliance deployments.

Built-In Security & Disaster Recovery

Your purpose-built solution was designed to deliver carrier-grade reliability and built-in encryption and authentication safeguards. We understand that dealing with critical personal and financial information means you need a system you can depend on, that your customers trust. Can’t make it to the office, or is the power out? Save on expensive contingency deployments. Our cloud offering comes stock with business continuity – so everyday is business as usual!

Mobile Freedom

Empower your care team to provide faster response times and consistent service. With over a billion smartphone consumers you need mobility solutions your patients and team can use to securely connect across networks, locations and devices with ease.

Streamlined Administration

Your management and administrative functions are simplified in one browser-based interface. Visually manage calls, quickly update patient profiles, assign care specific call groups or advanced routing rules. Your new interface design is intuitive and user-friendly, saving you time and enabling powerful call centre operations with the convenience of a few clicks.

Unflinching Responsive Service

Deliver the service clients expect with added value they appreciate with robust call handling and routing rules. No more busy signals, clients reach the right person without fail with agile real-time call forwarding. Trying to answer every call while you’re on the go? Flip the call to your mobile device without interruption and continue to enjoy a professional experience with extension dialing.

Start Planning Your Healthcare Center of the Future Today

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