VoIP Features

The majority of clients choose our Amazing Cloud Phone Systems.


Voice over Internet Protocol is known as VoIP. We utilize the internet to place calls rather than the conventional phone lines.

A high-definition VoIP phone service geared for enterprises is available from SE Telecom.

A variety of communication services are available with SE Telecom VoIP phone service, giving clients several options for getting in touch with your company.

Transform your smartphone into a portable workspace.

The phone App highlights how important it is for your business to prioritize each connection, even while you’re on the road.

No matter where you are in the globe, you may maintain communication with your clients, team members, and partners by using the internet.

Stop spending time worrying about calling restrictions or per-minute fees.

Establish communication with clients as a top priority to gain their confidence.

Calls to any location in the United States and Canada can help you create lasting relationships with your customers through ongoing customer engagement.

Send and receive limitless business text messages.

Access project updates from anywhere. Manage your teams and personnel with ease to avoid compromising the customer experience.

You can now transmit faxes through the portal, a personalized email address, or even a conventional fax machine.

The more channels of communication you provide, the more effective your company is at disseminating information.

Keep the line of communication open between employees and customers.

With the aim of enhancing the presentation process, A VoIP web conference is comparable to a traditional meeting in that both take place online.

It improves meetings by providing unique, cutting-edge tools and solutions.

Your meetings are more effective when you have unlimited web conferencing. As a result, you can quickly get your staff members back to helping consumers.

Send confidential messages among coworkers using a common platform. The team chat app offers video conferences, screen sharing, instant messaging, and message history.

You don’t have to give up your current number when you convert to SE Telecom.

Your current phone number will be transferred from your current carrier to SE Telecom by SE Telecom.

Keep calling the number you currently have to stay in touch with your clients.

Want to keep your business’s current phone number local but want to change it? We will locate a local phone number for you at no additional charge in order to improve availability and client interactions.

Give your non-local customers a toll-free number to call if they desire to do so.

Allow clients to speak with real people to have their questions answered more quickly.

You have the power to manage and alter each location’s extension numbering structure as an account administrator.

You can choose from 2 to 5 digit extensions. By allowing direct communication with staff members at your company via an extension number, the Extension Dialing Number Change function reduces hold time and customer level of irritability.

By not wasting clients’ time, you may demonstrate your concern for them.

Give callers the option to select the person or department they wish to reach with an immediate automated welcome.

Make it quick and simple to reach the correct person the first time.

Make it quick and simple to reach the correct person the first time.

Every consumer phone conversation with great functionality and quality.

You may control how incoming calls are handled by using advanced call routing.

To guarantee that client calls are routed to the appropriate department, you may elect to utilize a welcome message with a menu of alternatives for callers to pick from.

You may easily add this function, and your firm will start reaping the rewards right away.

Ensure that your company has access to historical data so that it can make wise, unbiased business decisions.

Based on past performance, you will be better able to forecast potential business prospects and results.

Utilize call analytics to get a clear picture of your company at any time and build sincere relationships with your clients.

To reject incoming calls, set the “busy” mode on your phone. This will guarantee that you are not distracted when you need to give something your whole focus.

Calls will be routed to your voicemail greeting while you are in the “busy” state. Customers whose calls you missed can re-connect with you once you are available.

There can be instances where you are occupied with other clients and wind up missing calls, but that does not mean you have to lose out on possibilities as well.

Give callers the ability to leave a voicemail so that you may follow up with them.

Calling back after hearing a customer’s voicemail demonstrates that they are important to your company.

Give your voicemail greeting a personal touch and a dash of customer service.

If consumers leave a message on your voicemail, make sure they hear a polite greeting.

Give your consumers the impression that they matter, whether an employee answers the phone or whether they get a message.

You can send your voicemail to the mailbox of a different extension.

When you need to share a voicemail with a coworker or transfer stored messages to a different extension, this tool is extremely helpful.

Never miss a beat.

Voicemails are delivered to your email inbox.

Read and reread messages in a location you already frequently check.

Even when calls are missed, your staff can respond to client requirements more quickly thanks to the voicemail to email capability.

Even when calls are missed, your staff can respond to client requirements more quickly thanks to the voicemail to email capability.

Now you can quickly read the text instead of repeatedly listening to the same communication to get important facts.

Spend more time responding to client questions rather than listening to voicemail.

Checking your voicemail is made easier with the Voice to Text tool.

Checking your voicemail is made easier with the Voice to Text tool.

Caller ID on traditional phone lines is comparable, but VoIP provides more functionality and flexibility.

Your employees can see who is contacting your company before picking up the phone thanks to VoIP Caller ID.

enabling you to order your customer communication efforts as calls are received.

Call screening is the process of evaluating a call’s qualities before determining whether to answer it.

The Call Screen function gives your team a better option than rejecting a call from an unknown number when you utilize it.

This feature is useful for recognizing callers that sound like spam and other annoying phone calls. Call screening enables you to focus on your top objectives, your clients.

You may easily access call records from reports. Additionally, you may share call recordings with colleagues and listen to them.

Make call analysis and call organization reports.

Start utilizing your data for quality control, client happiness, and company expansion.

When you wish to transfer a customer’s call from one line to another, you call park the call.

You may “Park it” or put the call on hold using SE Telecom Call Park so you can continue speaking with the consumer from another phone set.

Call forwarding enables your staff to take calls from any location.

Even if you are not in the office when customers call, you may still be reached.

Your workplace calls will be sent to your mobile phone when you use the call forwarding option.

No matter where you are, you can keep in contact with your consumers.

Three-way calling is the ideal tool to utilize when you need to work on a project with a teammate or partner.

Be effective by making only one phone call rather than two separate ones and repeating yourself.

Your staff can return to delivering customer service more quickly the faster and more effectively they converse with one another.

Your staff can return to delivering customer service more quickly the faster and more effectively they converse with one another.

You may include a group of individuals to a phone conversation using a conference bridge.

Collaboration is what keeps a business creative and cutting edge.

Employees can use this tool to hear instructions and voice their thoughts.

Together, you can improve your operations, goods, and clientele.

Together, you can improve your operations, goods, and clientele.

Your company may keep tabs on how your employees or coworkers are doing on their phones by using call presence.

With the help of this tool, you can determine if they are on a call or not.

Instead of directing clients to a busy staff, you can serve as a status indication.

Need to leave the workplace while on a crucial call?

Take it along. With your call and the ability to easily switch devices, go beyond the boundaries of the office.

You may quickly switch from your landline to your smartphone to continue speaking without pausing, or the other way around.

Continually transfer consumer calls. Send a cold transfer if you don’t need an introduction, or a warm transfer if you need it.

Using the call transfer tool, your company may quickly connect clients with the appropriate team member or division.

When an employee receives a call that fits certain criteria, Call Notify notifies them through email.

Keep track of your calls and utilize them to improve customer communication.

Callers cannot contact you if their caller ID is banned or shown as a private number thanks to Anonymous Call Rejection.

This function prevents any caller calling from an unidentified number from contacting your company.

By offering assistance to callers and clients you can identify, you may make efficient use of your time.

It is intended to build up intercom-like features between supervisors, staff members, and coworkers through the phone system.

With only a click of a button, get in touch with people you talk to frequently.

Get your questions resolved fast so you can resume serving clients.

Based on precise contact and call information, you may alter how your phone rings.

A list of up to twelve phone numbers, a specific time schedule, and a list of holidays can all be included in a Priority Alert entry.

Use a customized ringtone to identify when the boss or a crucial client is calling so you can respond appropriately.

You may personalize the music or recording that callers hear while waiting for a response using Custom Ringback.

To continue conveying your brand to clients as they wait, just pick sounds and words that go with your company’s identity.

Who said a hold had to be silent? You may submit an audio file from SE Telecoms’s Music on Hold service to play for your clients while they wait.

You have three music selections to select from and set up, whether the person is waiting in line, on hold, or being transferred.

A VoIP Switchboard is an internal IP protocol-based telephone data transmission.

It is the method through which your company uses the Internet to make and take phone calls.

By enabling you to make and receive customer calls while on the road, the VoIP Switchboard function changes your business phone.

Private Branch Exchange, or PBX, is an acronym for a phone exchange system.

The SE Telecom Hosted PBX solution gives your company all it needs for a VoIP phone system by utilizing the cloud and hardware.

Allow SE Telecom to link you with customers as soon as possible.

Allow SE Telecom to link you with customers as soon as possible.

Your company may start, change, and end multimedia sessions thanks to SIP.

The ability to communicate with your consumers in a number of ways depends on the ability to operate phone, video, and messaging apps.

You need it to manage audio, video, and messaging apps so that you may communicate with your clients in a number of ways.

Your VoIP phone delivers crystal-clear audio with each employee or customer call.

With greater service at a lower cost, it’s quick and simple to set up.

Users of the SE Telecom Softphone are able to converse via VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) without the usage of a traditional hard phone.

When you call someone on your computer or tablet, you are using a softphone.

Softphones provide you with more freedom in your customer communications.

Instead of listening to a menu, advanced IVR with conversational AI enables callers to explain their needs in natural language.

Callers enjoy a more comfortable and improved experience that even saves money (due to smart home assistants).

Start growing your business.