SE Telecom Premise Phone Systems


Upfront costs could be high but worth it in the long term when compared to a vendor-controlled system over the same time frame.


Owning a premise phone system affords you complete control of your business communications.


As a business owner, you will always be apprised of your business having the communication systems that meet its needs.


Your premise phone system can be upgraded to the newest communications technologies as you see fit.

What is a Premise Phone System?

A premise phone system, which is also known as an on-premise phone system, is a communications system where all of the hardware, wiring, and equipment that is required to control and maintain the system is located on-site of the business.

What Is ADSL Internet?

How Does a Premise Phone System Work?

There are not many components to a premise phone system. Your business will be supplied with a control box and phone equipment.

SE Telecom may need to help your business phones and numbers connect to your local phone company’s PBX system.

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We offer the best premise phone systems.

"SE Telecom has been essential to keeping my marketing teams up and running. I trust them with all my telecommunication needs for my firm. If you need communication solutions at affordable rates, look no further."
Christian Velitchkov
Christian Velitchkov
CEO of Marketing Agency
"Starting my own company for outsourced sales seemed overwhelming. With SE Telecom I was able to fully afford telecommunication solutions for my business and support my staff with minimal churn."
Ian Cathcart
Ian Cathcart
Sales Manager

SE Telecom offers everything you need in one place.

At SE Telecom, our core mission is to provide our clients a reliable communications infrastructure solution that meets the rigorous functional demands of tomorrow’s markets while enhancing workforce productivity today – delivering enhanced profitability and growth unattainable with previous technologies.

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